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The Carlos Albizu University is a private, non-profit higher education institution. The Institution was founded in 1966 and was known until December 1999 as the Caribbean Center for Postgraduate Studies. In January 2000, the memory of its founder, Dr. Carlos Albizu Miranda, is honored, changing its name to the one it currently holds. The philosophy that inspires the Institution is one of a psychoeducational, humanistic and social-scientific type.

Our Academic Offer

The academic offer includes Interdisciplinary Baccalaureate (IB) programs with a concentration in Psychology or Speech and Language Therapy, Master of Science (MS) in Industrial / Organizational Psychology, School Psychology, Psychological Counseling and Speech and Language Pathology. In addition, we offer Doctorates in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D. and Ph.D.), Psychology in Psychological Counseling (Psy.D.), Industrial / Organizational Psychology (Ph.D.) and Psychology with specialization in Consulting, Research and Teaching. (Ph.D.). The University has a Campus in San Juan and a University Center in Mayagüez – Puerto Rico and a campus in Miami, Florida.

Why Choose Us?

The Carlos Albizu University fosters an enriching and challenging academic environment. The faculty and its institutional resources are committed to promoting the professional development of students, so that they can assume responsible and productive roles in our society. The Institution affirms its commitment to the potential of each individual, the welfare of society and the professions of Psychology and health.

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